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Web-Based School Management System

Skuuni is a web-Based School Management Platform that brings into one place to manage all elements of a school efficiently including Students (admission/registration), Parents, Employees/Staff, Attendance, Terminal reports, Classes, Grades, Fees collection, Financial management (Income and Expenditure), etc.


1. A Sales Representative is going to visit schools and appropriate events in his area to market the SKUUNI software. He/she gives demonstrations of the software and invites schools to sign up online.

2. All sales representatives will undergo professional training in the use of the software before they go out to visit potential customers.

3. Sales Representative will use a presentation, flyers and t-shirt with the SKUUNI branding to present him or herself as an approved person representing SKUUNI professionally.

4. Sales Representative has to provide SKUUNI management with an official identification (passport, health insurance card) and appropriate address information.

5. SKUUNI management will publish the name and contact information of Sales Representative on the SKUUNI website for verification and local personal contacts by interested schools.

6. Sales Representative can advise a school about the necessary hardware and internet connection in the area and expected costs to purchase these. During the training, sales representatives will be provided with the necessary information about this.

7. Schools may ask Sales Representatives to show their ID to verify if the person is actually in contact with SKUUNI.

8. Schools subscribe to SKUUNI directly online and never via the local SKUUNI sales representative. The sales representative will inform SKUUNI after the subscription and his/her involvement once the school has subscribed.

9. After the free trial period of one semester, a school can decide to continue to work with SKUUNI and pay for the next semester.

10. Sales Representative will get a compensation from SKUUNI management for bringing in a new customer after the school has decided to move to the paid version. The compensation will be paid after receipt of the subscription and payment by the contracted school.

11. Sales Representative is expected to have a fair knowledge of the Ghanaian school system and the advantages of software as a service / software in the cloud. He/she is expected to be polite and modest in presentation.

12. Sales Representatives will be working in their own designated region, with their own electronic device (laptop and smartphone) and are not expected to travel extensively for the work.

13. SKUUNI management will pay Sales Representative a compensation for the use of internet data for demonstration purposes. Travel costs will only be compensated in situations where SKUUNI management has agreed beforehand.

14. Sales Representative will receive a commission of 15% on the net contracted value per school for the first year of three semesters/terms. The contracted value of 2.00 GHC per student per term . If the school decides to continue with Skuuni after the free trial period, Sales Representative will receive this 15% commission for each semester/term in the first year that the school subscribes.

For example: a school with 600 students subscribes in January 2019. The school decides to continue after the free trial period and pays Trinity Software Center 2 x 600 = 1200, plus 17.5% VAT of 1200 = 210 included, amounting to GHC 1410. The representative receive for the first semester/term: 0.15 x GHC 1200 = GHC 180. If the school decides to continue to use Skuuni during the whole year, the representative receives an additional GHC 180 in the second and third semester/term of the first year = 0.15 * GHC 1200 * 2 = GHC 360.

15. Trinity Software Center does not withhold any VAT or income tax on the commission. The commission is a cost for Trinity. Sales Representatives are responsible for their own tax payments, as freelancers.

If you are interested to become a SKUUNI sales representative you can contact our information desk at (+233) 0548291170 / (+233) 0544474706 or email us @


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